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Stories at the intersection of life & health.

Health care innovation moves at a brisk pace. Genetic discoveries, AI drug development, hyper-personalized medicine, and the rise of self-advocacy are changing how medicine is practiced and experienced. But most stories — and the people behind them — don’t make the news. We created PostScript to change that. We cover life and health, science and medicine, and all the threads that flow between them. We uncover fresh ideas and technical breakthroughs. We showcase perseverance and ingenuity. We celebrate everyday victories and we honor extraordinary outcomes.

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Lend your voice—and your talents. Each story we tell is the work of a multifunctional team—journalists, photojournalists, videographers, illustrators, and animators who bring creativity and empathy to every assignment. Want to help us tell our next story?

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We are curious, driven healthcare journalists and artists.

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